Sick of being the “nice guy,” friend or man women confide in, rather than sleep with?

Ready to Have the Women You Want Say “YES”

to More Dates, Sex and Love?


woman say noAny of this sound painfully familiar? You…

  • Get close to a radiant woman and freeze, fumble or feel awkward
  • Have women repeatedly tell you you’re a great guy, but they’re just not feelin’ it for you
  • Know you have so much to offer a woman  (your friends and family know it too)  Yet. You’re. Still. Single.
  • Meet a woman you want, sexually, but get stuck trying to transition from conversation to the bedroom
  • Have been in (or are currently in) relationships that were really hot at first, but then the spark faded.


All of this can be confusing, frustrating and even maddening!Young happy flirting couple in cafe

I have worked with nearly a thousand men and I’m here to tell you you can have passion and love with the women you want…beyond what you even know is possible. And sadly, what most men never have!

You can magnetize amazing women, sometimes even before you open your mouth! Yet if you don’t know the “Essentials of Attraction” for evoking a woman’s YES  you’ll continue to spend years (or even decades) feeling stuck, awkward, invisible or lonely.

I created Authentic Magnetism to share these essentials with you so you have everything you need to:

  • Go From Being the “Nice Guy” to the Chosen Man
  • Shift From Feeling Insecure to Knowing You’re a Great Catch
  • Make an Irresistible, Authentic First Impression that Inspires Women to Want More of You
  • Feel Confident — Even Excited — to Have Conversations With Women You’re Attracted to
  • Easily Transition From Conversation to the Bedroom, With Sophistication Rather Than Slime
  • Create Connection that Ignites Attraction AND Deepens Trust (Hint: Women need to feel trust to take their clothes off 😉
  • Keep the Spark Alive (During a first interaction with a woman and years later)


ShanaI’m Shana James. As a dating and relationship coach and ally for men, I’ve helped men make the shift from not being chosen by the women they want, to having hot, playful, connected, dates, sex and relationships with great women. You deserve that too!

Over the past decade I’ve gotten an intimate behind-the-scenes look at men’s struggles with women.

Men share things with me they’ve never told anyone before — things they thought they needed to hide to be loved.

Men share what keeps them up at night and keeps them separate, scared and confused.

I’ve seen how frustrating and terrifying it can be to be expected to initiate interactions with women while constantly facing the possibility of rejection.

That’s Why I Love Helping Men Discover a Way of Relating With Women That’s Fun, Passionate and Deeply Satisfying.

This started when I was young. Growing up I was so confused by my parent’s relationship. I didn’t understand why they fought more than they got along, or why they stayed married.

My mom was rarely satisfied. She exploded with anger and demands. She expected my dad to be his best but didn’t know how to call it out in him. She thought judgment and criticism would work but it pushed him further away.

My dad didn’t seem to realize he could have a different kind of relationship, where a woman appreciated and celebrated him. Instead he tolerated the “wrath of woman” and emotionally disappeared from the relationship.

Over time I realized that my mom didn’t see his greatness because he didn’t see it in himself. And that she couldn’t see it until he did.

Which is why I’m so passionate now about helping men see their greatness and have the connections they want with women.

I’d be honored to support YOU to…

Tap into Your Power, Your Love for Yourself and Your Authentic Confidence, so You can Be With Women Who Love, Care for, Understand and WANT You.

man woman laughing

That’s why I created Authentic Magnetism — to give you what I’ve shared with hundreds of men already, so you can…

  • Inspire Women’s Attraction, Connection and Even Devotion
  • Stay Enlivened, Empowered and Satisfied in Connections and Relationships With Women
  • Communicate to Have your Desires Met (Rather than dying inside as you let them slide)
  • Take in Nourishment, Care and Appreciation From Women
  • Stay Connected to Women in all Their Moods and Expression While Staying True to Yourself
  • Awaken Your Body to Conduct Incredible Pleasure for Yourself and Women
  • Experience Profound Intimacy where you’re met and understood on all levels — intellectually, emotionally, sexually, spiritually

After working with me my clients hear things like this from amazing women:

“Holy Shit! I’ve never met a man like you.”

“You’re like a unicorn. I’ve never been so hot for a man I trust.”

“Where did you come from? And will you come home with me?”



worksheetdownloadiconAuthentic Magnetism’s 6 downloadable audio modules and worksheets give you the most important information and practices to be the man amazing women say YES to. You will get the most effective tools and life-changing perspectives so you can:


The 10 Essentials of Attraction Most Men Are Never Taught

woman man face to face

 checkmark The key to getting women off the pedestal so you can relax, be yourself and be more attractive
 checkmark Discover what women actually respond, vs. what you think they do
 checkmark How to create spark without DOING anything


Create an Irresistible First Impression and  Capture Women’s Attention…Without Lines or Games

Happy Couple Enjoying the Party

 checkmark 3 Best ways to create immediate connection with a woman, instead of lines or games
 checkmark What makes women feel drawn to you before you open your mouth–from the moment they are aware of you
 checkmark How to recover in those first moments, if you freeze or fumble


Activate Your Sexual Power and Turn Women On With Your Attraction (Rather than Push Them Away)

woman man face to face hot

 checkmark How to let go of the shame you have about feeling attracted to and turned on by women
 checkmark The lightbulb effect– how your turn-on can light you (and her) up rather than blow you out
 checkmark The key to speaking your attraction in a way that’s hot, rather than not


3 Keys to Conversations that Inspire Women

to Crave and Trust You More

woman hug man chest

 checkmark How to know which moments spark can actually be created in, and which moments you don’t have to bother with
 checkmark How to shift conversations from awkward or bland to those that make a woman flush with desire
 checkmark The key mindset that allows you to shift from trying hard to enjoying yourself


Go from Talking to Sex…Without Killing the Vibe


 checkmark What women are really thinking when they decide whether or not to have sex with you
 checkmark How to counteract the 5 biggest reasons a woman won’t have sex with you even if she wants to
 checkmark How to not kill the vibe with your nervousness and create more spark and connection…without even having to get over it


Recover the Spark When it Fades or Disappears…

and Make it Even Hotter

sex happy woman

 checkmark How to turn the biggest Turn-offs into Turn-ons
 checkmark The point at which most men lose women and how not to
 checkmark The key that makes it safe to fumble and take risks without having to worry about messing things up

With Shana’s help I met a wonderful woman who has since made me happier than I’ve ever been.” Pete

“After Authentic Magnetism I understand the other side of things — what women are thinking and what they need to feel safe and willing to open up to me!”  Dan

“Before Shana, I was overcoming heartbreak and needed help understanding how I could connect better with women. She helped me learn to connect with women in deeper, hotter ways. One woman found this new way so sexy that we fell in love.” Andrew

“I used to be shy and timid. I lacked confidence with women. I hadn’t had a relationship in many years and was scared I’d end up alone. Shana helped me gain the confidence and self-esteem I sorely needed, in my personal and professional life. I found the courage to change professions and I’m now in a healthy, committed relationship with an amazing woman!” Jon



  • Bonus #1: 21 Sexual Satisfaction Interviews ($150 Value)
    • Learn from 21 top Sex and Dating Experts to have a sex life where your wildest fantasies AND your need for love and connection are fulfilled.
  • Bonus #2: First 10 men: Sexual Power Activation Session ($300 Value)
    • Get 1:1 feedback from Shana to make sure you can ignite women’s desire and attraction for you, in a unique and authentic way. 

$450 Value



Are you Ready to be the Man Amazing Women Say “YES” to?

I am honored to support you to be confident and relaxed with women, start conversations easily, make smooth transitions from talking to sex and have the women you want, want more of you!

Here’s to you having hot, playful, fulfilling connections, dates and sex with women!

man kiss by two women

With LOVE,


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guaranteeWe know Authentic Magnetism has the power to help you have more connected, exciting interactions with women if you put in the time and energy. That said, if you put in the effort and don’t see results you can have your money back after 90 days. We will just ask to see your completed homework from each week’s training to make sure you have applied the information.